Veterans, Chaplains and the NYPD 48th Pct

When a local Veterans organization Devil Dog USA Incorporated opened their office right across the street from the Chaplains Workers Federation’s office, most people would call it luck but not Rev. Carlos Baez. For Many years Rev. Baez has been trying to bring more resources to the local community of the 15th City Council District.

His prayers were answered when the CEO of Devil Dog USA Inc. walked into his office with flip-flops, shorts and a polo. The Rev. was amazed to find out the owner of the new establishment across from him was a mid twenty, United States Marine Veteran. Mr. Duran explained to the Rev. about his experience growing up across the street from his office and how he came back home to improve the community.

Duran gave Rev. Baez a quick elevator speech on his reaching the rank of Sergeant tin the Marines with a tour in Iraq and how he has over a dozen programs he would like to share with the community and asked if he would like to include any other members to the fold. within a few hours, Rev. Baez made a call to his friend and the 1st of many organizations that requested to participate with the new “collation” of organizations was the NYPD 48th Pct.

“I don’t care for meetings with long and drawn out plan” said Duran, so he orchestrated a quick BBQ so that everyone could get to know each other professional and personally. Officer Rivera said it was the 1st meeting he could let loose and have fun but could see how this relationship would build.   

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