46th Precinct National Night Out Against Crime

With the Bronx Borough celebrating its 31st National Night Out “Against Crime” we decided to take the invitation of the 46th Precinct. They had a very unique sub-theme this year honoring Veterans returning home with local returning Veterans receiving awards for their service and valor.

The event was held at Grand Concourse between East 181st and East 182nd St., from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. We were asked to tag along with local members of the Chaplains Workers Federation and the 46th Precinct junior explores to obverse how the event was put together. Beginning with the closing of the busy intersections and then prepping the dozens of organizations with tables ranging from (face painting to local political offices)

As the thousands of residents passed by to listen to speeches or enjoy the many activities. The CEO of Devil Dog USA Gonzalo Duran used this time to honor Veterans with awards ranging from pinning on pins of valor to presenting certificates of merit to local Veteran community members. The aide from local Council District 17th, Carmen Arroyo’s office than followed with honoring Veterans recently returning home with certificates for their service.

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