Open Letter Requesting A Meeting With President of Fordham University Father McShane

1.  Father McShane, I want to thank you for all the progress, which Fordham University allows to the Veteran community. Unfortunately there is an alarming issue that plagues it and universities around the nation. I have dedicated the last year and half trying to resolve this issue and now return to where it all started. I extended my hand once again and for the final time. I seek counsel personally with you regarding this dilemma.

2.  I am reconstructing my family home, using my personal vehicle, and opened a Veteran Community Center to help Veteran students using the Post 9/11 G.I Bill. These items are being donated to my non-profit organization to help ease the transition of Veterans and to make the process of facilitating these needs without delay. I have also been very active in hosting Town Hall Meetings by inviting elected officials, the Department of Veteran Affairs, non-profit organizations, Veteran students, landlords, brokers, realtors and the community to help educate them with a greater understanding about our concept on the situation and how to house the homeless and at-risk homeless Veterans. Just to inform you, I have done all these activities within or around Fordham University.

3.  If you have any other questions regarding this matter, I can be reached by email at or by telephone at (516) 515-0240.



Gonzalo Duran

Chief Executive Officer

Devil Dog USA Incorporated

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