48th Pct. School Supply Giveaway

With the demand of school supplies needed for children in the community, the 48th Precent Community Council made it their mission to new school year to have a school supply giveaway. This event was sponsored by SPMG, Devil Dog USA and TotalCare Pharmacy, to help with the residents in the community.

The 48th Pct. closed of the side streets, while young explores manned the tables along with members from Devil Dog USA, and SPMG directing the line which was filled throughout the 4 hours. Supplies given out included pens, pencils, markers, rulers, books, folders and most importantly book-bags.

After the event members of the police and participating organizations huddled in to take pictures and congratulate each other on such an incredible event to the residents of the community. When asked by local members of their thoughts, the general response was that they hoped this event would occur again next year.

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