Veteran Org Helping Student Vets With Scholarship

Service members and Veterans competed for three months for one thousand dollars scholarship, by composing a theme music for a local Veterans organization. “this is the 1st of its kind that I’ve seen” said Senator Gustavo Rivera while holding an overside check with both Devil Dog USA Inc. CEO Gonzalo Duran and COO Rosa Perlata.

Mr. Duran explained that he came up with the idea after coming out of hardship due to the lack of scholarship opportunities Veterans receive once they are ready to use their Post 9/11 G.I. Bill educational benefits. “Since we have been outside of the high school setting for so many years, we don’t fit the normal process of requesting for assistance”, Duran explained.

Police from the 48th Pct. closed down the 184th and 3rd ave block, while Chaplains from the Chaplains Workers Federation assisted in activities for the public waiting for the big ceremony. Musicians Edwin Feliciano aka W.R.A.T.H Nation and Adrain Elias aka A-D both preformed non violent and PG music for the over 400 of attendees.

To finish the award ceremony A-D performed his wining composition to the crowd. Than the CEO of Devil Dog USA Inc. Gonzalo Duran and Senator Gustvo Rivera presented the $1,000 scholarship to Adrain and an uproar from the crowed that lasted several minutes.  

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