Gonzalo Duran, Founder of Devil Dog USA Inc., Veteran’s Advocate & Former Marine Featured on FOX & Friends

Featured On The Bronx Chronicle.

By Omesh Persaud

Veteran’s advocate, former Marine, Founder of nonprofit Devil Dog USA Inc, and Bronx Chronicle friend & contributor Gonzalo Duran was featured this week on FOX & Friends.

The segment highlighted the work Devil Dog is doing to repurpose abandoned homes into student veteran housing for successfully transitioning back into civilian life.

Gonzalo, previously a homeless veteran himself, knows firsthand the struggles that many veterans face coming back home, and is determined to reduce the number of homeless veterans nationwide. He is particularly aware about the housing issues many veterans face when dealing with landslords and their refusal to accept VA benefits payments as rent.

Speaking on these difficulties, Gonzalo said, “We all know the issues with the VA,  the waiting time issues for the programs… this is not an issue where it’s difficult. We have the money to have housing. Why not give it to us?”

You can view the segment below:

To contribute to Devil Dog USA Inc. and its cause, please visit their website: http://www.devildogusainc.org/

For More Info: http://thebronxchronicle.com/2014/10/14/gonzalo-duran-founder-devil-dog-usa-inc-veterans-advocate-former-marine-featured-fox-friends/

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