Devil Dog USA Inc.’s 1st Award!!!

On September 5, 2016 Sergeant Gonzalo Duran, Executive Officer for Devil Dog USA Incorporated, emailed Councilman Fernando Cabrera requesting a meeting. This would not be any different than any other CEO, individual or organization, requesting too meet with their local Councilman. The only difference is the Councilman was about to call Sgt. Duran the afternoon of the following day.

You see, the Councilman had heard rumors that Sgt. Duran was looking for office space and had taken it upon himself to find one.

When Sgt. Duran came into the Councilman’s office beginning his elevator speech the Councilman politely interrupted him, and told him, “I got you your own office and everything will be free of charge”.

Sgt. Duran was left speechless for the 1st time in years.

After a quick chat about why he needed the office space the Councilman called in one of his aides and told them to write a Citation on the spot. Unbeknown to the Councilman, Sgt. Duran would later disclose that this was his 1st award from a public official within the Bronx or New York City Community he would receive.

The question the Councilman asked next would be one that he may regret. Sgt. Duran was asked if he would like to have additional Citations for his staff.

Sgt. Duran kindly said it would be a most joyous occasion but that he couldn’t ask for that many. The Councilman was quick to reply with, “it’s long over due Sgt. Duran.”

Sgt. Duran would go home and sort a list of staff, volunteer staff and organizations who were directly involved with Devil Dog USA, Inc. These individuals and organizations were instrumental in helping 5,178 individuals, and counting, across the nation in just 4 years and 6 months.

By the end of the excel spreadsheet Sgt. Duran would look at the total and would be shocked it was 110.

Now afraid to send the Councilman the email because he didn’t want to ask for too much, he did so with an apology and detailed explanation and the offer to pay for the ink/paper.

Sgt. Duran also explained how he was able to help so many in such a short time and over an extensive distance. It was because of an intricate network of Veterans and dedicated non-military individuals who trust Sgt. Duran.

Sgt. Duran would, again, be speechless with the Councilman’s response.

Sgt. Duran’s email to the Councilman left his computer at 4 am and the Councilman’s sent a text message to Sgt. Duran’s cell phone at 12:45 pm saying, “it’s not a problem”.

If you would like more information on Councilman Fernando Cabrera please contact his office at:

Tel: (357) 590-2875


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