Sergeant Duran From Devil Dog USA Inc. Wins Father Of The Year


I have recently been notified that I have won the Boogie Down Fatherhood Award presented by the Bronx Fatherhood Coalition, in cooperation with NYC and Deeds Driven Dads.

I won this award based on my good friend, Kathleen Canzoniero’s, submission letter. The only thing I can say is “I can’t wait to read it and see what she said about me.”

I am truly honored to be receiving this award on October 1st, 2016 at Hostos Community College. I rarely receive recognition for my community work but for being a Father, that’s a first. I will gladly accept this award and strive to make the title a lasting impression.

If you look at my office you will not see pictures, posters or memorabilia. That is because I focus on my work. You will not find any of my ribbons, medals or military souvenirs because I lost my family for my service. You won’t find plaques, citations, proclamations or anything else for my many years of service to the community because I haven’t been given any. What you will find on my desk is a picture of my most cherished possessions.

That I do have and that I do show off…

For more information on NYC’s initiative and the Bronx Fatherhood Coalition please click on the links below:

NYC – 

Bronx –





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