Recreation Programs Cease as Devil Dog Mobile Still Out of Commission

Over three weeks ago the Devil Dog Mobile rode down the East Tremont area, but instead of riding to pick up a Veteran or go to a Veteran themed event, it was on the back of a tow truck.

The reason why the Devil Dog Mobile needed to be towed was because the engine died. In addition to that there are other problems with the mobile that have to be repaired such as: the broken rear light, malfunctioning windows, and it is in need of all new tires. Every car owner is faced with the daunting reality that, at some point, their vehicle will require major repairs that cost a lot of money.

What makes the Devil Dog Mobile so important to Devil Dog USA, Inc. is the fact that it does 90% of the organization’s work. This vehicle has been vital in making recreation events accessible to Veterans who are disabled or normally have to rely on inept New York City public transportation. The Devil Dog Mobile has given Veterans the opportunity to partake in scuba diving, golf lessons, tennis, and much more, as well as various events hosted by other organizations.


With the American flag, company logo, and contact information on the Devil Dog Mobile, it makes the vehicle a moving advertisement. Many people and Veterans have come up to Sergeant Gonzalo Duran to inquire about his services and what he does. This makes outreach to the Veteran community possible.

The Devil Dog Mobile has also helped Veterans with everyday needs. It has picked up stranded Veterans from the airport, helped Veterans to move to new housing, and carry equipment to recreation events. Charity has also been possible by transporting clothes or toys to places that need donations.

14590337_517790818426883_2490829643301536722_nWith the loss of the Devil Dog Mobile, it means that all recreation activities hosted by Devil Dog USA, Inc. will have to cease as well as any assistance with other Veteran needs that are not done in the office. This loss has also put a strain on Sergeant Duran’s finances as he continued with his programs but had to rely on cab companies and public transportation to get around.

“Even though it’s more difficult, the programs still have to go on.”

To see the video of the day the engine died, please click here.

If you would like to help repair the Devil Dog Mobile, donations can be made here.

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