Veteran + Hug = May Save A life

It is estimated that 22 Veterans commit suicide a day and in my pursuit to lower this number, I have initiated many programs. All deal with issues related to Veterans, like their socioeconomic status, physical health, and mental health as well as the community as a whole. I have campaigned for housing, employment, recreational activities, resources and many more.

Unfortunately the numbers have not changed since this statistic came out. Over 8,000 Veterans are killing themselves a year. This issue is multidimensional but I believe that some of the contributing reasons are because we, as military members, never truly lower our defenses or breakaway from our training. This causes us to standout in public on a social level which can lead to isolation and there is still a stigma when we ask for help.

I have put myself in the forefront of these battles in hopes it will save other Veterans any embarrassment. Now I go even further by publicly asking individuals like yourself to take a photo with a Veteran to show that you “care”. Use the hashtag #22hugsaday and share it with others.

If you would like us to post your #22hugsaday photo, send them to ceo@devildogusainc.org

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