A Party with Singing, Salsa, and Sociopolitical Discussions

Kenny Agosto excitedly goes over his list of honorees for his party and fundraiser later on that night. “Nilda, she’s like a mother to me. She taught me so much about the political realm.” he said as we sat at a big conference inside of his office. The list of honorees was originally only six names but it quickly grew to sixteen names. Mr. Agosto acknowledges that maybe the list increased too quickly but it’s his party and he’ll honor who he wants too.

Despite the heavy rain and winds, a crowd gathered at Gasolina Lounge in the Allerton section of the Bronx. Bronx community members and politicians mingled together on plush couches or through a game of pool. Mr. Agosto is the New York State Committeeman for the 78th Assembly District and while he wanted to have fun with his friends, the night was also about discussing recent political topics. “With the recent election over, many people are scared of what is going to happen next. Of course tonight is going to be fun but I can not have my people think that their representatives are blind to their fears.” Mr. Agosto said.

Throughout the night, important topics were discussed from the future of health care, specific worries about women’s reproductive rights, animal welfare issues, and LGBT rights. Supporters of Deputy Inspector Keith Walton, commander of the 49th precinct, spoke out against the media’s reporting on the sexual abuse charges against the Inspector Walton.

While eating and relaxing on plush couches, attendees got to enjoy singing from The One, The Only, The Incomparable Heather, who also was honored that night. The women recognized that night were diverse to include Shanequa Charles, community activist and Founder of Miss Abbie’s Halloween Extravaganza, Francine Ruh, animal activist, and Annette Casper DeJesus, Founder and Advocate for Captain A Fighting the War on Cancer.

Other honorees for the night included:
Donna K. Drayton
Leslie G Frohberg
Iris Garcia
Carolyn D. Jones
Ann Riley Larrier
Norma Lopez
Nereida Medina
Nevaeha Morales
Carmen Rivera
Emilyiris Soto Agosto
Lisa Marie Agosto Soto

The last honorees of the evening was presented by Bronx Democratic Chairman, Marcos Crespo and were Democratic Leader for the 78th Assembly District, Nilda Velazquez and Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson.

Photos courtesy of James Washington-Ward 

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