Confetti and Hugs Can Make All the Difference

Simple acts of kindness can make all the difference and can have a bigger impact than anyone can imagine.

Since the beginning of November, the #22HugsADay campaign has been using the power of touch to connect Veterans and civilians on a deeper level. The purpose of the campaign was to lower a person’s defenses and, hopefully, open themselves up to seeking resources, getting medical care, or talking to someone.

On December 5th, Lourdes Melendez-Gamez of Confetti Party Place and Sergeant Gonzalo Duran of Devil Dog USA, Inc. teamed up to bring the campaign to adults and children. The event was a toy drive, educational forum, and hugfest all in one.

Photo courtesy of Debbie Powers

A video on Clay Hunt, whose death inspired the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act, was shown to educate those attending on the issue of Veteran suicide. Afterwards, toys were given to Confetti Party Place so that they can be later distributed to children in need.

To end the night, everyone hugged which automatically caused laughter that than brought on conversations; showing that a hug can make a difference.

Photos courtesy of Debbie Powers

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