Check Out the First Episode of Open Discussion

With the renewal of Vet Talk being made possible by BronxNet, Devil Dog News has launched Open Discussion, a free-flowing and informal forum that welcomes all to participate.

The purpose of Open Discussion is to give the Bronx community and others an opportunity to talk about topics from various ranges. All topics are written down by the participants and then chosen at random during filming, this way everyone has the chance to bring up topics they are passionate about. Naturally this format means that discussions can be brought up that range from sensitive issues to lighthearted ones. The filming of these discussions take place at different locations but ones where the participants can feel comfortable in.

For the first episode, topics discussed included dancing, the holiday of Christmas, video games, government support programs, Planned Parenthood, and suicide prevention.

Everyone is welcomed to participate in future episodes of Open Discussion. If you would like to participate, please contact Sergeant Gonzalo Duran at or visit our Facebook page for upcoming events.

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