Devil Dog USA, Inc. Needs Help After Robbery

Work continues for us on most Sunday’s and this one was no different. After filming at New Beginnings Animal Shelter, the cameras were moved to a musical charity event that lasted late into the night.

Instead of waking up ready to work and feeling accomplished, Sergeant Gonzalo Duran heart sank when he saw broken glass on the sidewalk from his shattered car window.

Last night the Devil Dog Mobile was broken into and equipment was stolen. Items stolen included a filming camera, other smaller cameras, and a laptop.

Photo courtesy of Debbie Powers

Every single piece of equipment is essential to the work that Devil Dog USA, Inc does, whether it is giving the community a voice through film or planning recreational events for Veterans. The loss of the camera and filming equipment puts us in a negative position with the studio that allows us to film and they have suspended Vet Talk, Open Discussion, and any future field reporting. This damages our efforts to help Veterans and the Bronx community as well as ceasing our productivity. In fact, for the past couple of days work was being done to help a Veteran who has no food and no place to live in New Jersey. Items like a laptop or phone are necessary for work and communication to help those in need.

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Devil Dog USA, Inc. has operated on little funds and only recently has it tried to recover from engine and shock failure but this is a blow that is too big to handle and there are no funds to help recover from.

Please, if you are able too, donations of all amounts will be much appreciated. If you are unable to give, share the link on social media or with yours friends and family.

GoFundMe link here.

Featured image courtesy of Debbie Powers

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