Vet Talk – Public Access Show for Veterans Has Been Temporarily Canceled

As you may have already heard on Fox 5 and CBS 2, our vehicle was broken into after covering two stories of other non-profit organizations work and struggles. A bag containing a BronxNet Field Camera, two miniature studio cameras, a still camera, accessories as well as a laptop and other items were stolen in addition to the damage of our vehicle.

Unfortunately, this situation has flooded over to our studio work with our talk show, Vet Talk. Just over four years ago, we began filming Vet Talk with two miniature cameras in our small office. In the past two months we have gained access to use BronxNet studio equipment, the transition has been the chance of a life time. Because of the ugly actions of despicable individual(s), the losses incurred by both organizations have disrupted charitable efforts and operations.

At the moment we are being asked to produce $4,387.33 for the BronxNet items by February 1st, 2017 or we will be denied access to produce our Public Access show, which means the show will be canceled until further notice.

We have received generous donations so far, which have been used to help recover our equipment to become semi-operational. However, it is not enough to cover all that was lost and this additional charge we are just now being forced to pay due to the burglary.

Here is the equipment we need to be operational with BronxNet again:

  • Sony NX5 camera
  • Light kit
  • LED mount
  • Microphone with XLR cable

If you have the equipment and would like to donate it, that would be great.

* We are hoping that if we can replace the equipment, they will allow us to continue to allow an avenue of focus on Veteran issues and assisting those in need.

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