CEO of Devil Dog USA Inc. Deputized as Sergeant in the Bronx County Dept. of Public Safety

Devil Dog USA Inc.’s, Chief Executive Officer, Gonzalo Duran



Gonzalo Duran has been a life long Bronxite. The only time he left his beloved Bronx to serve our great country in the United States Marine Corps. After finishing a distinguished military career of eight years, with one tour in Iraq, Gonzalo returned home to face many obstacles. Obstacles that many Veterans face when returning home.

This caused Gonzalo to start an organization called Devil Dog USA Incorporated, which focuses on housing, resources and recreation. It started as a side project while he attended Fordham University Pre-Heath program and has turned into a national organization. Devil Dog USA Incorporated has liaisons all over the country and overseas. It is now the benchmark of the Veteran community when it comes to media, business, and politics, but with the heart of a community based organization.

With the great work of both Devil Dog USA Inc. and the Bronx County Department of Public Safety (BCDPS), both paths have crossed many times, but have never collaborated. Recently, BCDPS approached Gonzalo with a gift no other organization has offered him. Gonzalo’s incredible work has garnered him many titles with many organizations but BCDPS have honored him with tittle of Sergeant with the position of Veteran and Community Liaison. This gives him the ability to use his military training in the civilian world. Most important gives him the ability to defend his beloved Bronx directly.

Veteran and Community Liaison

In this position, Sergeant Gonzalo Duran is tasked with bridging the gap between the Veterans and community with providing his knowledge and resources to those returning home. While simultaneously facilitating events and relationships between the Bronx County Department of Public Safety and the community. His collateral billets are to cooperate and establish partnership with community leaders and officials.

To reach Sergeant Gonzalo Duran, contact him directly through email at or phone at (516) 515-0240.

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