Inside the Access Producer Course at BronxNet

Do you have aspirations of hosting your own talk show or reporting on local events in the field? Many individuals look at the glory of being in front of the camera but at BronxNet they make sure you are well rounded behind the scenes before you can rise to stardom in front of it.

At the end of 2013, Devil Dog USA Incorporated sponsored a group of six Veterans and community members to attend BronxNet’s Field Production Course. By January 2014, Vet Talk was born. Vet Talk is a Veteran theme talk show dedicated to giving Veterans a voice in the community and to help organizations tell the community about the resources they provide.

After two years of filming Vet Talk in our small office, we decided to upgrade to BronxNet’s studio. Here’s how our journey went and we hope you will find it useful for your future endeavors.

Photo courtesy of James Washington-Ward

Start by applying through the training department for the program you are interested in. Field Production or Studio Production are offered periodically and both cost $100 or less each. Then you will need to submit documentation to prove your identity and residency. That’s it.

Once you begin the eight-week course, you will learn about the following:

Lighting and Camera Set-Up

Photo courtesy of James Washington-Ward

Audio, Switch Board in the Control Room, and Monitors

Photo courtesy of James Washington-Ward

Software for Editing

Photo courtesy of James Washington-Ward

After the course, you will go through an orientation of what is expected of you and your production by the programming department. After you will get the certificate which will open the doors, however you have to get re-certified for your identification and residence. Finally, you will be given an Access Producer identification card and a program number.

But the process isn’t over, after a few tests runs and show reviews based on different content, you will be receiving access to upload your shows to programing for an air date and time.

BronxNet’s Public Access Training – TV and Production Training is meant for Bronx residents but for those who live outside of the Bronx, members of not-for-profits within the Bronx can sign up on behalf of the organization.

Training Department:

Photo courtesy of James Washington-Ward 

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