Financial Focus TV regarding Income Taxes

We hope you are enjoying our ” Financial Focus” articles, focused of course, this time of year on Income Taxes, and can be found in many NYC magazines and newspapers

On occasion, the TV media will ask me to sit down and give a general interview about INCONE TAXES, and changes of.

I sat down in 2015, with ” Bronxnet” & ” Bronxmedia TV”, 2 local cable channels on Cablevision and asked me many tax questions, including some that will apply to you .

Bronx media was more general while Bronxnet TV was on their popular show: Special People with Special Issues: A show that deals with issues affected tbe disabled community.

So note that the film might be a bit outdated ( 1 year old laws, no longer beard, invalid email address), might i suggest to click below so you can spend a few moments ” Tax educating yourself”, including this precious season called: Income TAXES.

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Anthony Rivieccio, MBA, PFA

Bronxnet TV: Special People Special Issues

Bronx media TV: We talk Income Taxes


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