Poem: The Sadness of the Wolf

The sadness of the wolf wanders,
The paw prints left behind in the snow of white
The thoughts of loneliness and ponders
What he shall do in the light
The day he might find his mate
May be sooner or later, then he might think
As miracles often happen, even with fate,
The bright sun sparkles and winks,
While showing him a path of flight
As it guides him through the light
Through the tree-lined gate,
He will find his long awaiting mate
The one to love, the one to cherish
While one or the other soon perishes
The loneliness of one’s self is harsh
While treading through a snowy marsh,
the sadness of the wolf never seems to end
As the day comes to an end
He finds a place to rest
And curls up sadly trying to prevent stress
From the sad thoughts he was feeling
To the painful loss of peeling love
The night comes as the darkness surrounds
No animal makes a sound
The soft snow steadily falls
As the wolf slowly calls the one he loves
A fate is sooner revealed than he may think, a dove
The sadness of the wolf is dark
And wants to find happiness
Wanting someone to bark
While waiting for the blindness of darkness to cease
A special someone is soon to see,
The sadness of the wolf soon flees
And is replaced by blissful glee,
To find someone to finally be and love
The sadness of the wolf returns to cloven love
The happiness entrails throughout the entire life,
He seemed happy, within the spec of light
Love is finally the fight he won
To be with the special one
The sadness of the wolf…is finally in love and happy

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