Ennis, MT: June 1st, 2017, Scott Kesterson, will begin Expedition RED, a multi-state adventure tour of Red State America. Expedition RED will visit small towns, meet with small business owners, explore historic routes, and tell the stories of the rich socio-economic fabric that is the foundation of Red State America. Kesterson, who was awarded an Emmy for his video work in Afghanistan, will bring his personal and candid storytelling style of “from the ground and village,” to entertain, educate and develop an understanding and appreciation for the common values that are at the root of Red State America. Expedition RED will be divided into seven treks, ending in the final pre-election months of Fall of 2018.

The American Brand, 501c4 is a social non-profit dedicated to the working-class values that are at the core of America; what we refer to as American Populism. It is an organization founded by Scott Kesterson who is also a veteran, for the benefit of all Americans to re-establish the importance of service to country and to our citizens. The American Brand is built on three pillars: 1) education and entertainment; 2) small business policy and advocacy; and, 3) political intelligence and call to action. The American Brand mission is to educate citizens on civics and the Constitution, build unity and political awareness across rural communities, advocate policy for small business and working class America, and develop cutting edge political strategies to support political action. The American Brand embraces four founding principles: integrity, humility, humor and a love for our country.

As an adventure tour, Expedition RED is based on the values that built our country: risk, physical challenges, and enduring spirit. Ennis, MT, the new home of The American Brand, will be the hub for Expedition RED. Each Trek has been designed to embody aspects that are at the core of Red State by highlighting the regional and cultural uniqueness that has been the foundation of Red State’s love for country and the Constitution.

Trek 1 and 2: Lewis and Clark Trail. Kesterson will travel by mountain bike across the Lewis and Clark bicycle trail. The expedition will take approximately 3 months. The trek establishes the spirit of the America that was physically and mentally demanding, inspired innovation and required perseverance to succeed.

Trek 3: Mountains, Arches and Canyons. Kesterson then journey through Wyoming, Utah and Arizona, camping and mountain biking throughout the Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Arches, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon. Stories from local residents, towns and businesses will be the focus. The trek provides a look at the naturalist perspective and values of living and working in and around priceless landscapes where nature is not a painting, but an interactive installation to experience and enjoy.

Trek 4: Oil, Diamonds and Crawfish. The foundation of our economy is energy. Kesterson will begin in Houston, TX meeting with oil and gas representatives, explore the changing economies of oil and gas, and look at American energy independence. He will continue his trip to Oklahoma looking at mid-level producers of oil and gas and their position in the world markets and competition. Kesterson will continue to Arkansas to visit the only diamond mine in the United States while exploring the scenic beauty of Arkansas and Mississippi. He will end his trip in Louisiana, exploring the diverse economy and rich history of the French-Indian-American decent.

Trek 5: Cheese, Wheels and Coal. Kesterson will travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to experience the traditional industries of dairy farming and cheese making. He will visit American automobile, truck and motorcycle manufacturing across Wisconsin and Michigan including the legends of Detroit. He will end this trek with visits to coal mines and coal communities. The trek will offer a look at tradition and modernization looking at how work and values have changed and are adapting to the future.

Trek 6: Bourbon, Whiskey and Speed. Kesterson will start from Birmingham, Alabama with a visit to MOTUS motorcycles who produce the fastest production motorcycle in the United States. Kesterson will continue his tour through the rich histories of Tennessee whiskey producers, Kentucky bourbon producers, country music and derbies, ending in Indiana at the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway as a tribute to American engineering and innovation.

Trek 7: Infantry, Peaches and Space. Beginning in North Carolina, Kesterson will pay tribute to Army Special Operations and Infantry with visits to Fort Bragg, NC, Fort Benning, GA, Fort Jackson, SC, Fort Walton Beach, FL and Tampa, FL. Along the way Kesterson will visit small farms, enjoy southern BBQ and end the trek at Cape Canaveral, FL as a tribute the achievements in science and world leadership.

Expedition RED will have subscriber content on website. Additionally, Expedition RED will have twice daily live streaming features Monday through Friday at 10am ET / 7am PT and 9pm ET/ 6pm PT at You can also follow on Twitter @scott_kesterson and Twitter @AB501c4 for The American Brand.

Lisa Bacchi
Social Media Coordinator
The American Brand
Conroe, Texas

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