#EndTheStigma Mental Health: Jessica Boyd

Jessica Boyd
Special Education Teacher
Elementary School, Huntsville, Alabama

Jessica suffers from bipolar disorder, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and anxiety. At times the difficulty of controlling her symptoms, maintaining her employment and sustaining a loving relationship, is coupled with tumultuous complications. But it’s her fierce love for her students and profession that help to keep her stable.

Jessica’s conditions were obstacles throughout her youth but her goal of teaching has always been her roadmap to life. Every objective from high school, to college, and teaching positions, have had their bumps on that path. There have been breakdowns, self doubt, and many naysayers but each of them have been shown what determination can bring about. Each critic has been shown how one person can break the stigma with hard work and perseverance.

Jessica has conquered every hurdle and situation presented to her, some not as quickly or easily as she would have liked but nonetheless accomplished. So much so that she has finally reached her ultimate goal of teaching students with severe and profound disabilities. A position she has a passion for that is stronger than any desire she has ever had. The children she teaches are no less in her eyes, loved as though they were her own children. Because of this she pours her blood and sweat into her job but it’s still not enough for her, she still has more goals, naysayers to disprove and barriers to break. She is currently working towards her National Board Certification in special education and decided to share her story with us, but why?

Jessica comes from a long line of military families members and friends who have served. She has read many of the Veterans stories these past few weeks and felt compelled to share hers in order to show the general population that Mental Health and the stigma associated with it is an all encompassing dilemma shared across the populations. Her conditions would limit many but her life is proof that those limits can be overcome with support and hard work. Nothing is impossible if you never quit.

If you are a Veteran or an individual with a mental health condition and would like to be featured in an article, please send us an email at ceo@devildogusainc.org.

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  1. Yes! This is why we are given the burden of mental health issues…to help the next generation through our loving understanding and proof that anything can achieved with dedication and persistence. God bless teachers 💖

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