Crochet Santa Hats for Veterans and the Homeless

Six years ago, after playing Santa Clause for the neighborhood children, I wore an ugly blue Santa Hat to be cheerful. Liz saw it and immediately made me a crochet Santa Hat.

Every year since then, she has made me a new one. Each time some changes, like a tighter fit, shorter or longer length, etcetera. This year she decided to use different colors, which just blew up.

Liz, with family in the military and a big heart for those in need, asked me if she could help. As a non-profit that helps Veterans and the homeless, I told her that if she gave a discount to Veterans, I would promote her work in the winter.

Well, Liz went above and beyond. She loved the feedback that she sometimes gave Veterans free hats and triple to the homeless. Over the years, she has given hundreds to Veterans and well over a thousand crochet garments to the homeless.

Her selflessness deserves to be recognized. Devil Dog USA Incorporated is raising funds to purchase all the yarn, tools and miscellaneous fees for a new project. Liz will make 120 Santa Hats for Veterans and 240 regular garments for the homeless for free.

This fund will allow Liz to make the 360 items paced throughout the year, and we will hand them out during the winter.

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