Alpha’s Journey Through The Workforce

Mr. Alpha Diallo, 19 from Bronx, NY has just started his process in the job market. He feels that it has been going well for him, but he is having a few issues. More personal issues than preparedness. His confidence is a result of going through Exalt’s youth program. Diallo is happy with his progress with Exalt and how they have prepared him these last few months for the workforce.

Exalt helps at risk youth with employment. Diallo, personal issues include his living situation, the lack of job experiences, and the small necessities that you can only get with good old fashion trial and error. That is why he was paired with Gonzalo Duran, CEO of Devil Dog USA Incorporated.

Duran is a former United States Marine Corps Sergeant, Iraq Veteran. Other distinguishes on his resume include Nasdaq opener, Father of the Year for New York City, Veteran of the Year, Advocate of the year, Humanitarian of the year and much more. Duran believes having awards are cute, but there is no need for them if you do not put them to use. Whether it is reading to children or helping Diallo prepare for a new career, not until then has his real job been accomplished.

Diallo’s progress in the workforce has been slow but productive. He has gone through two interviews and feels hopeful. But he has not received any follow-up interviews. Diallo explains this as he asked Duran for help. Duran has taken the mentor role for Diallo very serious because some of the same problems he is going through, Duran faced, to include the hardships. “The one thing I wasn’t expecting was he wants to join the United States Marines, I thought that was
pretty cool”, Duran stated.

During the next few weeks of Diallo’s 2nd phase of Exalt’s program, Diallo will receive opportunities outside the norm, but Duran believes it will be overall beneficial. Duran’s curriculum includes manual labor, a gourmet meal, shadowing in meetings, the ability to be on the radio, newspaper, television, and a personal logo upon completion of his mentorship. Duran specifies that there is hard work ahead for him and some cool stuff included but he said “my overall goal is to be able to give them a glowing recommendation and have them a guaranteed job waiting for them, but they have to put in the effort”.

Why did Mr. Diallo share this portion of his life? Because he wants you all to know “if I am going through this, then there are others who are too. I hope to give them hope by sharing my story.”

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