Our Meaning


Devil Dog USA Inc. understands that the word Devil Dog can be an intimidating term. As the founders of Devil Dog USA Inc. we would like to take the time to explain our moniker. The roots of the word Devil Dog originated in Belleau Wood (1918), when the Germans referred to the United States Marine Forces as “Teufel Hunden”. The Marines proudly took up this moniker as they gallantly defended their nation against all enemies foreign or domestic. As a term of endearment the Marine Corps used the English bulldog to symbolize the term.

The English bulldog is strong, courageous, dignified, loyal and aggressive when provoked. Likewise, Veterans share these similar characteristics in and out of active duty service. Despite the bulldog’ s strong and muscular appearance, they can suffer from many health issues that lower their life expectancy to approximately 6.5 years. Regardless, in the right home, proper exercise, and love make the bulldog a resilient creature that can live to 11 years of age.

At the end of active service many Veterans find themselves alone in a community that does not understand them. Many Veterans are unaware or do not apply to the benefits that are afforded to them or there is a lack of benefits. This in turn can lead to homelessness; decline in health, and eventually to a lonely death. Veterans, like the bulldog, when provided with adequate housing, the opportunity to be physically active through adaptive sports, given the opportunity to serve again through community service, and attainment of benefits only builds on a Veteran’s resiliency. Once this is established a Veteran can focus on employment, higher education, and rejoin their community with pride and purpose. Devil Dog USA Inc. pledges to fight for Veteran’s rights, just like the Marines did at Belleau Woods. Whether it is federal, state, city or county Devil Dog USA Inc. will stand tall and not rest until every Veteran is housed, properly clothed, employed, educated and receiving their hard earned benefits.

This is why we happily accept the term Devil Dog as our moniker.