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“You showed us how much you love your country, now let us show you how much your country loves you”.

-Sergeant Gonzalo Duran

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#EndTheStigma Mental Health: Jessica Boyd

#EndTheStigma Mental Health: Jessica Boyd has graciously decided to share her story with mental health. She’s a teacher by trade and our 1st non Veteran participate. Thank you for your bravery.

#EndTheStigma Mental Health: Lisa Spencer

Seaman Lisa SpencerUnited States Navy VeteranWomen’s Advocate Devil Dog USA Lisa suffers from (MST) Military Sexual Trauma, (PTSD) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and drug addiction. Her MST stirs from being raped while on active duty and PTSD spurs from abusive relationships. Her drug addiction is a result of those predicaments, which she felt was her only […]

The End of Mental Health Month but Not the Stigma

Sergeant Gonzalo DuranExecutive Officer Devil Dog USAUnited States Marine Corps Veteran With the end of Mental Health Month, our very own Lisa Spencer, who is our resident (CASAC-T) Chemical Abuse Substance Abuse Counselor Trainee, has started our #EndTheStigma campaign. She has asked me to start off the campaign by sharing my mental health conditions. I […]

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NYS Knights of Columbus: A Taste of Guatemala

  As a former recipient of their Humanitarian Award, for my work in helping the Veteran homeless population, it is always an honor to attend. This year I asked Navy Veteran Edson Arzu and members of the Garifuna Veterans of America to attend this wonderful event with me.

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ABC CT Style: Features CEO of Devil Dog USA

When I got out of the military I had difficulties with realtors accepting my Post 9/11 G. I. Bill. It is a Veteran’s educational benefit meant to pay for tuition and living expenses, but with no housing address, I was unable to retrieve my household goods such as my clothing. This left me seeking assistance […]