Telling Our Stories

On Sunday, March 19th at 1074 Hall Place, Bronx, NY from 3pm to 5pm, we are gathering to share stories of survival and support of partner abuse victims plus musical performances.
Special guest Veronica Gonzalez, along with Lourdes Diaz, Tanya Carrion and Tyneeca Velez will be sharing their domestic violence experience and their journeys to combating it.
Sergeant Gonzalo Duran, Chief Executive Officer of Devil Dog USA Incorporated will be speaking on behalf of Devil Dog USA Inc. COO, Ashleigh McIntosh’s Military Sexual Trauma experience.
Musical performances will be conducted. To be considered for this event, contact Vero G. at
Organizations providing domestic violence prevention or counseling services are welcomed.
For more information or to register, contact: Gonzalo Duran at or (516) 515 – 0240.

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