Veterans & Community Intro To Golf

On February 18th at Turtle Cove Golf Range, located at 1 City Island Road, Pelham Bay Park, Bronx, New York at 2:00pm, we will be conducting an introductory lesson of Golf. The introductory class will cover a brief overview of the history of golf, the equipment, a private lesson, and to finish off, a short […]

Health, Nutrition & Fitness Fair

On Saturday, February 25th at the Iglesia Alianza Cristiana Y Misionera De Jennings, the Parking Lot between Bristow St. & Jennings St., Bronx, New York from 12pm to 2pm, we are […]

Reading To The Children Of P.S. 63

Father of the Year recipient, Sergeant Gonzalo Duran, Chief Executive Officer of Devil Dog USA Incorporated and the East Bronx Marines will be reading to the students at P.S. 63.

Speaking To The Children Of MS 327

On Wednesday, March 15th at MS 327 New Settlement CLASP, 1501 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY from 3:30pm to 5:30pm, we are gathering to speak to the children.

Speaking To The Star Of The Sea CYO Cadet Corps

On Friday, March 17th at Trinity Lutheran Church, 2125 Watson Ave., Bronx, NY at 7:30pm, we are gathering to speak to the cadets. Sergeant Gonzalo Duran, CEO of Devil Dog USA Inc. and Diane Anderson, CEO of Meet Me At The Crossroads Inc. will be speaking to the cadets of the Star of the Sea CYO Cadet Corps Inc.

Telling Our Stories

On Sunday, March 19th at 1074 Hall Place, Bronx, NY from 3pm to 5pm, we are gathering to share stories of survival and support of partner abuse victims plus musical performances.  

Military, Veterans & Community Spring Tournament

Celebrating our golf programs 9th year. This year’s Military, Veterans and Community Spring Tournament will be on Sunday March 26th at Turtle Cove Golf Center, Bronx, New York.